Fur Queen Julia Dilua

Fur Queen Julia Dilua

Story of a big success that started from big love 

Nowadays there are few specialists on fur products in Russia. At the same time, that direction can be considered not only the most ancient but also highly relevant in sewing. Julia Dilua who is very popular in the fashion world is one of the leading Russian professionals. She is called a ‘Queen of fur’ and products from her collections are considered true artworks. All that is a result of twenty years of a daily hard work. The designer had to put much love, warmth, and efforts into her work to achieve such a success. 

Julia Dilua - Designer of fur products and founder of the Julia Dilua brand. 

Julia fell in love with art in childhood. The girl literally grew up behind the scenes: her father and grandfather were theatre directors. She travelled much with troupe and enjoyed spending time in costume and make-up rooms trying on dresses and wigs. Julia often came to school events in original clothes. Even then she liked to delight and amaze people with her look and create unusual combinations. 


Julia Dilua is sure that love and interest towards art should be instilled from the very childhood. That significantly influences the development of human’s identity and worldview. 

Julia was fond of doing something with her own hands in childhood. She was attracted by not only creative exercises but also everything related to design and mechanics. At the age of 10, she started sewing on her own. Since then, her love towards creating clothes has become even stronger. 

Many years ago, Julia Dilua started working at her spouse’s fur factory in Russia and Greece. At that time, she already had an education of a graphic artist and wanted to realise herself as a designer. Julia was creating design, patterns, and blanks for future products. Her fur coats were more expensive and qualitative than those produced at the factory. The company’s policy was aimed at producing relatively inexpensive outer clothes for the middle class. That is why, they couldn’t produce models designed by Julia. 

Then the designer launched her own factory with only few people as a staff. They started the production from scratch. 


Two years later, Julia’s fur coats got to the most popular in the fashion world fur exhibition. 

Julia Dilua invested everything she earned in the development of production. She spared no effort or time to create unique products of high quality. 

The Julia Dilua fur coat is a true piece of art existing in a single copy. Despite the fact that the factory usually produces about 30 products a month, the team works tirelessly. Each fur coat requires painstaking work and much attention. Julia personally monitors the process: from creation of the product to its receipt in the shop. 

Today, people of high status wear Julia Dilua fur coats. Among them: First Ladies of different countries, famous politicians, and media figures. 


The designer mentions that there are two big loves in her life: her profession and her daughter who resembles mom with her purpose, hardworking, and strive to achieve everything on her own. She takes part in brand development but focuses on her own project: development of a sport complex in Monaco. 

Julia follows the world tendencies but in her work she is primarily guided by her intuition. 

Each product is filled with emotions and energy of the designer. People feel it. That is why they appreciate and love Julia Dilua fur coats. Some customers return after many years and ask to reshape the old coat in a more modern model because they don’t want to part with their favourite thing. 

“I have a gift, which I use to make people happy. I present them my love through my creativity”, shares Julia Dilua. 

She wants the world around to be beautiful and inspiring. However, the designer is sure that outer beauty cannot exist without inner filling. Julia is engaged in spiritual practices and pays much attention to spiritual development. According to her, women are the source of harmony on the planet. That is why it is important that they possess both outer and inner beauty, which Julia is ready to share with them.

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community 

Translated by Yan Zarubin